Mihaly Papp, the owner of Woots has over 20 years of experience with making custom made wooden boot trees for some of the most well-known equestrian bootmakers in Europe, specifically in Hungary and the United Kingdom. His clients in the UK include bootmakers of exceptional standing and even royal warrant and clientele.

Having had the privilege of making custom boot trees for such bootmakers at the top of their craft, Mihaly proudly looks back at having helped hundreds of equestrians, such as the National Equestrian Unit, Mounted Honor Guard Riders, and the Hungarian National Pentathlon Team, in maintaining their high-quality, often entirely handmade boots in perfect shape and condition, guaranteeing them years of enjoyment from wearing their boots.

With the experience and knowledge Mihaly gained from producing bespoke boot trees, he developed his unique and versatile boot tree system, Woots. 

Woots' custom-made boot trees provide the perfect fit and shape for any riding boot.