About Me

Woots is a company specializing in custom boot trees, offering unique and high-quality products primarily tailored for riders. Beyond riding boots, I also provide boot trees for folk dance boots and women's street footwear. Meticulously handmade with selected materials, my boot trees ensure durability and comfort for both hobbyists and professional athletes.

The concept of adjustable-size boot trees traces back to the 1990s. As an equestrian with decades of woodworking experience, my father crafted his first boot tree due to a shortage of suitable products. A refined version was later utilized by the Hungarian Olympic pentathlon team in 1996, Atlanta.

Besides horse riding, woodworking has also fascinated me since childhood. The lessons from the family furniture business, followed by experience in the boot tree making workshop, inspired me to preserve this unique craft.

My mission is to reintroduce this forgotten tool to as many people as possible. It's not just a solution to common problems that riders face with boot maintenance but a commitment to giving every pair of boots the care they deserve.

In my boot tree-making workshop, rare, handcrafted products are made to order. I am proud to have assisted hundreds of riders in maintaining their boots in perfect condition, with renowned bootmakers like Schnieder Boots, Bernd Hotz, Böröcz, and Tóth among my satisfied customers.

Mihály Papp

Woodworking Engineer