Wooden soul of boots


Maintaining the skin taut, smoothing out wrinkles and creases ensures that the boots last longer (up to 10 years).

It prevents zipper breakage or damage. 


Boots used with boot trees offer superior comfort, drying in shape, ensuring no discomfort for your feet.

The boots don't shrink, maintaining their size, and avoiding discomfort due to hard creases.


Individually adjustable size and tightness allow the boot trees to follow the boot's size and shape perfectly, suitable for both made-to-measure and ready-made boots.

The innovative wooden thread solution also allows for expansion.


Breathable wood ensures gentle drying, avoiding issues like plastic filling up or excessively drying out the skin.


It makes cleaning and caring for the boots convenient by keeping the footwear in place.


Extraordinary craftsmanship ensures each boot tree is individually handmade.


How to use your custom boot trees to keep your boots comfortable and looking new for years to come?

Follow the steps below:

1. Unzip and place the front of the boot tree inside your boots.

2. Put the back of the boot tree into the boot, fitting it with the front inside. Pull up the zipper.

3. Use the top roll to adjust foot and ankle size.

4. Use the knee roll to adjust the top of the shank.

Be careful not to overstretch your boots unless that's your goal!

Before using your boots, follow the steps in reverse order.