How to get your own custom boot tree?

Note the difference between foot size and boot size. This difference varies from bootmaker to bootmaker and from boot to boot, so your boot tree is always tailored to the boot, not the foot.

There are two ways to get a custom boot tree, with the first being the recommended and guaranteed method.

Send your boots to me for 100% accuracy.

I will collect/deliver the boots and create the perfect-fitting boot tree to you within 1-3 weeks. Your favorite boots will then be taken care of by Woots.

This method eliminates the possibility of errors, ensuring perfect dimensional accuracy and complete customer satisfaction.

Delivery and return of boots can be done by courier, post, in person, or through a pre-arranged personal appointment in the riding stable for multiple pair/group orders.

Measure yourself, taking the risk that it may not be completely accurate.

If sending your boots is not an option, I can create the boot tree based on photographs and the measurements you provide.

In this case, provide your shoe size along with 4 photos (1 front, 2 side, and 1 back view), and use a tape measure.

Keep in mind that without a proper routine, measurement errors may occur, and I cannot be held responsible for them.

The boot tree will be crafted based on your measurements and at your own risk. Measure the outer dimensions of your boots on your feet (with assistance if necessary) using the enclosed size measurement sheet.

I will make the boot tree within 1-3 weeks based on the measurements sent and return it as agreed.

Creating a boot tree without boots can be done on special request, mainly for ready-made (not made-to-measure) footwear. Past experiences indicate an accuracy rate of 80-90%, but as with online boot fitting, adjustments may be necessary.

Preparation Time

1-3 weeks from receiving the boots. In case of an emergency, a shorter timeframe is possible.