Wooden soul of boots

About Me

Woots is a company specializing in custom boot trees, offering unique and high-quality products primarily tailored for riders. Beyond riding boots, I also provide boot trees for folk dance boots and women's street footwear. Meticulously handmade with selected materials, my boot trees ensure durability and comfort for both hobbyists and professional athletes.

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Why woots?


Maintaining the skin taut, smoothing out wrinkles and creases ensures that the boots last longer (up to 10 years).

It prevents zipper breakage or damage. 


Boots used with boot trees offer superior comfort, drying in shape, ensuring no discomfort for your feet.

The boots don't shrink, maintaining their size, and avoiding discomfort due to hard creases.


Individually adjustable size and tightness allow the boot trees to follow the boot's size and shape perfectly, suitable for both made-to-measure and ready-made boots.

The innovative wooden thread solution also allows for expansion.

For those of you who have hesitated to buy boots, fearing they might "tear soon anyway," Woots' boot trees provide a lasting solution.